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Girl Folio Jodie Gasson

We are thrilled to have British top model Jodie Gasson here at Girl Folio. A massive star in the UK’s ladies magazines and in our tabloid papers – Jodie Gasson will expose a different plus much more raunchy style in her nude photo sets and films for!  Our very first shoot was very exciting – our future photo shoots with other actiongirls will be……well…just wait and see! well anyway, in this sexy scene the cute babe Jodie gets to play around and pose all by herself at the poolside as she gets to be all nude and sexy for you. And we know that you will just love seeing this horny and sexy blonde in action for her scene.

As the cameras start to roll, you can see her taking off her robe to reveal her super cute and sexy bikini set. And it just made her look amazing too. As she starts to get in the pool she takes off her bra to show off her simply amazing and sexy natural breasts in all their glory. And you can see her playing with them as well. Take the time to watch her oiling them up nicely as well after she comes out and see her taking her time sunbathing beside the pool today. We know that you will adore her and we plan to have her posing for us some more in the future as well. Have fun with it and see you guys and gals next time!

girl-folio-jodie-gasson-outdoor girl-folio-jodie-gasson-in-the-pool girl-folio-jodie-gasson-exposing-gorgeous-boobs

Watch this blonde angel getting all wet by the pool!

Bryoni-Kate GirlFolio

“Dance Lesson”
You have been asking and awaiting her for a long period : Famous Uk top model Bryoni-Kate girlfolio is now with us! How could you ‘overdress’ for a dancing session? Watch this gorgeous brunette posing nude in front of the camera. Bryoni Kate obviously has done exactly that – so rapidly addresses the problem by undressing – putting a hold on for rather a long time to pose in a really attractive body stocking. Check out more of Bryoni or other hotties like her inside girl folio. The sweet brunette is here to show you her moves and she guesses that you will stay for a long time to admire her. And honestly we think that she is right in her assumption.


As this cute brunette’s scene starts off, she reveals her sexy outfit straight away and you can see that she was just wearing a sexy fishnet body suit underneath her sexy clothes with nothing else on. Not even panties. Well she gets to start doing her thing straight away and you can see her making some very luscious and tempting nude muse motions to tease you and entice you for some more if you fancy seeing. And she knows you would. Have fun watching her dancing around all naked and sexy and watch every image in her superb gallery to see this cutie at work. We will be seeing you again next week with another sexy scene!

See this British model posing in her sexy body stocking!

Carla Brown GirlFolio

Carla Brown GirlFolio is a university student learning Psychology and Sociology. However she has recently been a "page 3" mannequin for The Sun Paper in the United kingdom and has also appeared in Loaded,  ICE and FHM. Carla Brown was a real little mutt delight to work with. She seems at first a bit shy – almost not a models best attribute ?
However, her shyness swiftly disappears when she gets before the camera. Watch out for regular updates of this sexy model student! Watch Carla looking great in her glasses and out of her jeans! Well let’s not delay any longer and just see this kinky and cute babe as the show off her sexy body.

Like we said, miss Carla here is one irresistible babe, and we know that you guys will surely agree with us. And who can pass up the chance to admire such a sexy and cute intellectual beauty when she demonstrates that she can be as kinky and as naughty as any other horny woman. Watch her posing in her shirt and panties for the better half of the scene and see her teasing you more and more as she will eventually undress completely. In the end all that she has left on are her cute fur boots and she shows you a superb view of her cute and round butt that is sure to tempt you even more. See you soon with some more fresh scenes!


Check out Carla and her irresistibly intelligent looking!

GirlFolio Bailey

GirlFolio Bailey being an art expert in a gallery… Bailey is an extremely popular British mannequin, no doubt you’ve seen her around – You certainly will see a much more explicite art in her next unique sets on Girl Folio. Cum inside and watch her exposing her incredible hot body. Enjoy sexy and cute babe bailey as she gets to show off her stuff as well for this nice and hot scene. She is a sexy and beautiful brunette babe with long flowing hair and a slim build, and she knows just how sexy she looks as well. She sais that she just loves to pose in sexy and hot lingerie and so we let her do it for her superb and hot photo shoot this afternoon.


And we also forgot to mention, that this cutie just adores to play innocent and pose in some very tempting poses as well every time. But you will surely observe it this fine afternoon as she starts to work her body for you guys without delay. Like we said, we let her pose in a superb and sexy little lingerie set, and as you can see it just made her look incredibly hot as well. See her flaunting her sexy semi nude body just for you today and enjoy the very lovely scene with her. We are going to ask her to do some more posing in the future as well so keep an eye out if you want to see the superb babe show off more of her sexy and lovely curves for you!

Check out Bailey looking incredible sexy in her high heels!

Claudia GirlFolio

Claudia GirlFolio is from romantic Paris where she works being a TV celebrity and fashion mannequin. Our good friend from one of the bestParis model companies spotted sexy Claudia and asked her if sherrd like to try naked or erotic modeling. We believe we were the first one to picture her unclothed so the skokoff nude photography images you’ll see on Girl Folio are the very first to be noticed of this ordinarily ‘French’ beauty. And rest assured that this lovely brunette babe knows exactly how hot and sexy she looks as well. She herself said that she just loves using her sexy body image to get what she wants every time. So let’s not delay and see her in action.

She came to the studio wearing a nice and classy outfit that you can see in this picture and she was all set to pose. Straight away you know that this is no regular babe. She has some mad skills as one might say when it comes to being all sexy and kinky on camera and we think that you will agree after you get to see her simply amazing and hot update for this hot afternoon everyone. Take your time to admire her undressing for you and see that superb and hot body exposed fully for the cameras today as well. As per usual we are taking our leave for now, and we’ll be expecting you back soon when we’ll have more amazing and hot scenes for you to see!


Watch this “French” beauty exposing her delicate body! 

GirlFolio Abigail

A well known model in Great Britain makes her first appearance for Between acting jobs, girlfolio Abigail has also time to study healthy medicine and natural treatments. We felt it will be a massive demand for more nude photography art of Abigail so here it is another femjoy set. A warm afternoon in our Girl Folio studio flat as Abi relaxes using a magazine and also a cool fan….Removing her lingerie does not prevent lovely Abi from getting overheated…. Click here for the entire photo shoot and see this sexy and cute blonde teen babe as she gets to be all kinky and naughty while she does her sexy pose session for you guys.

girlfolio-abigail-in-her-sexy-black-dressgirlfolio-abigail-revealing-her-butt-cheaks girlfolio-abigail-getting-hot 

As another fresh week started off we could not pass the chance to show you little Abi’s hot and sexy scene. She was just too perfect wearing her sexy black dress and strutting her sexy body all around the place while we show her from every angle with the cameras. The secret is that the cutie wasn’t wearing any clothes underneath that sexy and tight dress, and she makes that very clear rather soon as she presents you with her very cute and lovely ass. See her revealing her perky and cute tits as well and see the babe playing with them as well to entice you some more. You know where to come back next week if you want to see more scenes guys!

Check out Abigail stripping on a warm afternoon!

Girl Folio Monica

Girl Folio Monica is a very busy fashion mannequin from Leicestershire in Great Britain. This well-known model is also a fitness instructor and regular visitor to the island of Ibiza since her sweetheart is a DJ there.
Monica is wonderful to work with and will also be a popular add-on to Girlfolio nude photography art. Check her out as she strips slowly for the camera. Monica has a small and slender build with her petite body, and that just makes her even more sizzling hot than usual. Enjoy watching closely as this cutie gets to be all kinky and wild for the cameras and you and poses kinky and sexy as well.

As you can observe from the start, she was wearing acute floral dress that made this lovely lady look even more lovely. When the photo shoot starts off, you can observe her as she starts to take it off slowly and in stages, revealing more and more of those delicious curves with every frame. Enjoy seeing her completely nude in the end, and see that sexy and sporty build of her body that just complements her sexy little frame too. We know that you will enjoy watching her pose around and showing off her adorable body, and you can come back next time for some more hot scenes. And who knows maybe miss Monica will be back too! Wanna see some sexy lesbian babes getting naked and making out? If you do, check out the sweetheart video site!

 girl-folio-monica-outdoor-pic girl-folio-monica-stripping-slowely girl-folio-monica-totally-naked

See this hottie posing her body in the nude on the floor!

Shannon Smith GirlFolio

" Studio intro "
Our excitedly awaited debut photograph set of Uk model Shannon Smith girlfolio. The many British fans of Shannon will likely be excited with the results of our very first shoot and the future encounter later this month! Cum inside BareMaidens girl folio and watch her striping slowly and showing her incredible large tits! Miss Smith is a sexy British babe like we said, and she is quite proud of her sensual and sexy body. And as you will see she has the most perfect and sexy round pair of tits that you can ever see. Today she gets to show them off as well as the rest of her body to you and we’re sure that you will just adore her.

The cameras start to roll, and the lovely little cute babe starts off by undressing and taking off her clothes completely before she poses. And it’s when she removes her shirt is the time that you get to see those nice and perky round tits that we were telling you all about earlier. Watch closely and see her playing around with them as she is posing, teasing you as much as she can with her sexy and lovely curves for her scene this fine afternoon. Enjoy seeing every inch of that nude body exposed too and see you next week with many more sexy and hot babes as well. We’ll take our leave and expect you to return then everyone. Bye bye!

Watch this British teen displaying wonderful big boobies!

Myla GirlFolio

How could GirlFolio galleries not have Myla? Among our close friends, and widely popular in the United kingdom through her performances in films and magazines we had to have her inside our tour. Inventive, unique in her concepts and always exciting to work with. So have fun watching this great latina stripping video update! We’re proud to have regular brand-new sets of nude photography having Myla shooting just for Girl Folio. cum inside and check her out in her sexy high heels. Enjoy Myla and her sexy scene as she gets to do some very hot and sensual posing just for you guys and show off her body.

And the only word that comes to mind when you would want to describe this babe is just “WOW”. She is simply perfect and she has all the right curves in all the right places. And as you can see, this hottie is quite kinky and naughty as well as she just adores teasing everyone with her simply superb body. Take the time to see this natural beauty as she struts her stuff all around the scene today and see her posing sexy and sensually just for you to enjoy in this nice and hot update. Rest assured that after her performance today we will surely bring her back for some more nice and hot scenes as well. So have fun guys and gals! Wanna see some gorgeous babes getting their pussies licked in great lesbian sex galleries? If you do, enter the blog! Have fun!


See this teen model showin her delicate erotic body parts!

Natalie Thomas GirlFolio

" It’s for you ! "
Natalie Thomas girlfolio galleries is a fresh discovery! This gorgeous new British model is originally from Birmingham however lives in Bath on the South West of great England.  Watch her in this great bikini action video update and also you can check out for more girl folio photosets of Natalie Thomas on – she is already an appreciated and is likely to be very popular. Anyway, she’s super hot and horny and this afternoon she gets to jsut play around all by herself showing off her simply superb and sexy body without delay. Let’s see her in action and how she plans to tempt you with her luscious and sexy curves today everyone.

As her scene starts of, you can see that she was wearing one superb and sexy lingerie set that was sure to turn you on and she was all prepared to take it off too as well, only for you. See her taking off the bra first, and watch her playing with her cute and perky natural breasts for a good bit. Then she moves on and her panties fly off as well as her pussy was getting pretty eager by now and she was ready to play with it as well. Sit back and enjoy watching the very hot and sexy brunette babe as she goes for some more posing for you and see her playing with her simply sexy and wet pussy as well. We hope that you enjoyed her gallery today!

Look at this teenage model posing in her sexy underwear!

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