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Nikkala Stott

Girlfolio brings you today the smoking hot Nikkala Stott and her nude session in the bathroom. For this one you get to see this beautiful long haired brunette getting all naked in the bathroom to reveal her amazing naked body and for a bonus you can see her taking her hot shower in today’s superb gallery. Until next time have fun, and don’t forget to check back soon or if you wanna see other sexy girls like her, check out the fame girls website. See you soon! Also you might check out sexy Victoria Summers if you want to see another beauty getting naked for you! Meanwhile, let’s just get around to see the hot and sexy dark haired babe getting wild and naughty for you all in her scene today!


Nikkala gets to play in the bathroom as she gets ready to take a shower afterwards. Well, since she felt a bit horny, this would be just perfect, as she could get as dirty as she wanted and then get herself cleaned up too. So to start off, check out the babe getting to take off her clothes. She undresses and exposes every inch of that superb nude body of hers and as she takes her time to pose around too, she makes sure that you’re getting a superb view of her body from every possible angle today. So do take your time to fully enjoy the view with her and we’ll be bringing you even more all new and all fresh galleries everyone. See you all next week with a brand new set!

Check out hot Nikkala exposing her amazing body!

GirlFolio – Bryoni Kate

Today girlfolio brings you another lovely lady taking her clothes off for our weekly photo shoot. Her name is Bryoni Kate and she’s a really attractive brunette with a very positive personality. So this time you get to enjoy her lounging on her bed all naked and posing enticingly just for you and the cameras. Until our next update we heave this with you, so have fun guys. Or if you can wait until next week’s update, come inside videos. As always, it’s time to see a hottie getting wild and Kate here is just the perfect little lady to watch in action too. Let’s get her show on the road and see her getting her spot in the limelight today shall we?

As the scene starts off, you can see that the babe is her bed and dozing off. Well she gets to wake up and of course, she’s all sleepy and stuff. As soon as she removes the covers you get to see that she’s all naked underneath and very very eager to play too. Sit back and relax as you can see her posing around the bed and eventually makes her way down to the floor with the cover too. See her sprawled out and posing some more even down there as she gets to be all sensual and kinky and we guarantee that she’s going to end up in your next fantasies too. Have fun with her and like usual come back next week for another scene with more new and hot babes!

Watch here hot Bryoni revealing her delicious curves!

Iga Exposed

This time girlfolio is proud to bring you the sexy European teen Iga, and she’s already naked on the couch and ready to play some pillow fighting. Well when you have a woman like her sitting naked there I think you’d love to do all kinds of other stuff with her. Well sadly you’ll have to settle for her nude shoot and looking at her naked body. Until next time, but don’t forget, until next time you can check out gorgeous Jayme Langford and watch her revealing her perfect body shapes! But anyway, let’s take our time to enjoy this one and for now keep company to this hot babe with dark brown shoulder long hair as she gets to be naughty and kinky in her living room!


As you all know, this site is always the best place to go to when you want to check out some superbly hot and sexy ladies getting wild for your enjoyment…and theirs rest assured. Well as you know, every week, there is a new hottie to see as she gets to play by herself and Iga here is not an exception. This hot short haired hottie packs a big pair of natural tits that she’s more than happy to let you see, a nice waist with a sexy round ass, and quite the eager and wet pink pussy too. Take your time to see her getting nasty with herself on the brown leather couch and you will be in for a treat with this adorable little lady today. And do check out the past updates for even more great scenes!

Watch here slutty Iga spreading her legs wide open!

GirlFolio – Jaye

Jaye makes a return in today’s girlfolio update with more enticing and sexy scenes for your viewing pleasure. You know that this busty red head never disappoints in what ever gallery she’s in and you can expect another A class performance from her today. So watch her take off her striped shirt in this update to reveal those big breasts that you all love. And if you liked her and you want to see other super hot babes revealing their perfect body shapes, check out cosplay deviants website and enjoy. This babe with dark red hair knows exactly how she’s suppose to expose her superb curves on camera and she’s not going to shy away from doing just that in today’s new update as you will see!

She had all the afternoon to herself this fine day and she was going to be making the most of it as she got to pose around her room. Since all that privacy was there, now she could get as kinky and naughty as she wanted and of course, you all get to see it in her gallery. See her making her entry with just a stripped shirt on and check out as she immediately takes it off as she starts to undress. Then she gets on the bed after posing a bit more and you can bet that this little red headed babe was going to get even nastier. So watch closely and see her playing with herself in bed too. We hope that you liked her scene and we’ll be back with even more hot babes soon!

Check out horny Jaye bragging with her amazing body!

Shannon Smith Exposed

Shannon Smith is today’s girlfolio poster lady. She’s a really pretty long haired brunette that never shies away from the occasion to show off her perfect body in front of a camera, just like another super hot model, hot Jodie Gasson. To her she sais, the camera is like a lover, and what better way to treat a lover than to show him your luscious nude body to entice him. And she does one hell of a job at that too. Well, it’s just great to see a big titted babe work the camera like a charm any day, no matter what. Shannon is well aware that she’s going to be having your full attention today so expect her to take her sweet time to tease you enticingly for the whole scene today!

The naughty and hot babe Shannon is also a painter and she even likes to get kinky sometimes and pose in front of a big mirror as she paints herself all nude. Rest assured that that makes her even hornier and she ends up pleasing herself right then and there on the floor, most of the times experiencing some unforgettable orgasms too. Anyway, watch her taking that white shirt off to reveal that that’s literally the only thing she was wearing today. You get to see her pose around, playing with her perfect round tits and pussy and overall having a great time with herself. Enjoy the update and see you all soon with more all new and fresh babes getting wild for you!

See naughty Shannon revealing her delicious curves!

Girl Folio – Adele

In today’s girl folio update we have the sizzling hot blonde Adele here to pose for us. She’s a really beautiful woman with the body curves of a goddess and she’s really proud of that fact too. Watch her as she slowly removes her clothes to remain only in her panties and shows off her impressive pair of big breasts just for you in this gallery. If you liked this beautiful lady, join the site and see a naughty Canadian MILF pleasing her pussy! Well that’s all nice and good too, but do remember to stay around and see the amazingly hot and sexy busty blonde here as she gets to play with herself. She had the whole thing to herself so there’s plenty to see today.


As another fresh week started off, we just had to bring you the busty beauty Adele’s scene to see. She was just great at showing off her goods and playing kinky on camera too, so there was no way that she wasn’t getting featured here. Well the busty babe straight up shows up in the scene with nothing more than a pair of black panties, and her high heels and she starts to take her time posing around. She wants you to enjoy the view of her all natural tits from every angle and once she’s done with that, her pussy gets exposure as well. All in all it’s one amazing scene and we know you’ll agree with that. See you as always next week with another new scene. Bye bye guys!

Check out hot Adele exposing her wet pussy!

Amanda Exposed

Girl folio brings you today the exploits of the teen hottie Amanda. She’s just started nude modeling and she’s always eager to have the cameras focusing on her perfectly shaped body every time she gets a chance to pose. And today she was sporting a hot and sexy red lingerie outfit that didn’t leave too much for the imagination. Until next time you can visit the nude in public site and watch some amazing amateur chicks showing off fully naked! Amanda is a superb beauty to say the least and it’s a sure fact that you just need to check out her scene here for today’s update if only just to see a superb woman at work and nothing else. So let’s start off.


As another fresh week starts off, we just had to bring you this lovely beauty here today. Like we said, her name is Amanda and if there’s two things that Amanda adores above everything else, it’s lingerie and showing off her body. And sex, but that’s not important for now as you just get to see the cutie playing solo for this week’s gallery. See her making her entry in a nice and sexy see through top that was displaying her perky tits perfectly and also matching panties that left very little to the imagination when it came to her sweet pussy. Well she does get to show that off properly eventually, so just hang in there and check it all out today everyone! The sexy Amanda will show off her whole nude body for you in her scene today!

GirlFolio – Amia Miley

Amia Miley is a very hot teen and she’s taking her tight clothes off today for our girlfolio galleries. Well her shoot is a bit unique, she just looked so cute and sexy that we just had to start shooting even before she started posing. And she didn’t seem to mind as she looked really cute taking off her sexy clothes to reveal that superb teen body. Don’t forget that you can watch other beauties in bikini posing sexy inside the blog! Check it out and have fun with this adorable and cute, petite babe as she gets to have her own turn showing off her goods for you and the cameras too. So let’s just get the cameras rolling and see her play today shall we?

This week’s scene was full of surprises with this little babe. At first she gives the impression of this innocent and shy little babe. But that cute exterior, hides a decisive woman that knows what she wants too. And on top of that, being bossy just makes her look eve more cute. Anyway, miss Amia starts off by taking off everything, including her leopard print lingerie. And what you can see, is her all natural perky tits that are always eager to play, and that superb petite figure. As she takes off the cute tight panties, she also lets you see that eager pink pussy that she has. So enjoy the view in this new one and do come back next week for a brand new update guys and gals!

 Check out naughty Amia showing off her curves!

Bailey Exposed

This girlfolio update’s leading lady is the super hot brunette mature Bailey playing around solo in the kitchen. She decides to take out the oils and smear them all over her sexy breasts. So without further due, watch as this hottie plays around solo in the kitchen having fun with her naked body and the slippery oils. Enjoy and come back soon. If you want to see other gorgeous babes revealing their perfect tits, enter the site! Have fun with another brunette that shows off just how naughty and kinky she can get on camera for you today everyone. Let’s get this started as we bet that you are all super eager to see the beauty here in action as well.


Today’s babe is simply unforgettable and for her scene, the kitchen served perfectly for her needs. You see, she has this thing where she likes to play with herself, but she likes to do it all oiled up most of the times. Since her body oil ran out, she decided to take a nice little trip to the kitchen, where she has her olive oil that can do the same things. So sit back and see her taking out those perky natural tits first and you get to see her pouring the said oil on them as she massages them and fondles them too. Of course, she moves lower as well and that’s when the real party of sorts begins. See this kinky babe in her wild action scene and see you all next time with more content!

 Check out hot Bailey oiling her impressive knockers!

GirlFolio – Naughty Carmen

Carmen is a very naughty lady and she’s today’s main feature in our girlfolio galleries. since she was left home alone for today she felt really horny and she just had to do something about it. Seems like self pleasuring is the best option for her. Watch the busty woman as she undresses to reveal her luscious curves , after which she makes her way to her pussy in order to finger fuck herself fast and hard. Carmen is one of those babes that when she wants to do something she’s just going to go ahead and do it no matter what you tell her. And it has never led her astray until now when getting naughty and kinky either. So let’s see that side of hers in today’s new and hot update.

Her shoulder long, blonde, curly hair makes her look quite adorable with those bright eyes of hers too. And for the scene today, the babe was sporting quite the nice looking outfit as well. It was only a sweater over her bra and panties and her cream leather boots. And just with this she looked incredible, but the babe wasn’t anywhere near done today. Sit back and see her getting around to show off her curves for you as she lifts up the first piece of clothing and pulls her bra aside to show you her perky natural tits too. And of course, the panties follow suite and you get a nice and long look at that pink pussy of hers as well today. Have fun seeing her show off and we’ll be back soon with more!


 See naughty Carmen finger-fucking her tight pussy!

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